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Why, may you ask, do I/we need SkyMed?
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Should you or your companion suffer a critical illness or injury, while traveling anywhere in the world, while working, on vacation, or even while you are at home, the SkyMed “Takes You Home” membership plan pays. It will transport you and/or your companion to your home hospital (HMO, PPO) on a medically equipped fixed wing aircraft. We'll even return your children, your grandchildren, your stranded vehicle and your pets! We also make sure that you never pay a penny for medivac helicopter or ground ambulance service (18 services in all), with NO copays, NO deductibles, NO claim forms, NO medical exams, NO credit checks, and NO nonsense.

In addition to our traditional annual plans (3 & 5 yr), which are still available in person or over the phone, with up to a $500.00 special association discount for friends of Associa, SkyMed now offers an exclusive monthly plan online, see below. This is available to Associa residents, employees, or referred friends, at up to 23% off the regular monthly price.

To get immediate coverage for everything not pre-existing, and in 90 days for major medical issues that you currently take prescription RX for, please choose the plan below that fits your needs.

The below monthly plans include a one-time $75.00 app fee in addition to prices shown, then it is simply the price shown below automatically paid on your credit or debit card on whatever numbered day of the month you choose. There is NO app fee for 3 or 5 yr. plans; call 813-997-2377 for info.

"There are ONLY two reasons why anyone doesn’t have SkyMed":

1) They have never heard of it, or
2) They have heard of it, but don’t know what it does.

"It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. You never think it is going to happen to you until it does. This could be the most important protection you ever have for you and your family as you travel."



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